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Collaborative Learning Facilitation


"Do as I say, not as I do"




Team Formation from Last Week


  • Team Goal / Task – what is the team trying to accomplish
  • Team Composition – who is on the team
  • Team Norms – how the team conducts itself
  • Team Roles – who does what on the team




  • Bridge - recall, relate to prior events
  • Engage - challenge, relate to work
  • Context - set foundation


Role of Facilitator / Moderator


  • Stop any negative behavior - outside of group discussion
  • Influence towards norms


  • Greet and engage members
  • Encourage trust and participation
    • Praise is good
    • Give credit
  • Trigger discussion
  • Guide (influence) discussions
  • Don't be the expert
    • Resist answering each post
  • Synthesize


  • Continuous feedback
  • Communicate frequently
    • Co-facilitator / moderator
    • Balance this against being the expert

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