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General Learning Objectives

Primary Concepts

  1. Collaborative learning
    1. While you can’t necessarily name the “Five main elements”, you have a general feeling of what these are
    2. Main elements of collaborative learning process
    3. Two examples of collaborative learning designs
    4. Two concerns around collaborative learning that restrict its use
  2. You have a "general sense" of the following concepts:
    1. Software as a Service
    2. Add-ins & composition
    3. Read/write web
    4. Harnessing collective intelligence
    5. Social computing
    6. Web 2.0
    7. eLearning 2.0
    8. Informal learning
    9. Expected & unexpected learning
    10. Difference between a group and a team



  1. What can I do with a blog?
    1. Post an article
    2. Post comments
  2. What can I do with an RSS Reader?
    1. Subscribe to a blog
    2. See recent blog articles
  3. What can I do with a Wiki?
    1. Edit the content
  4. What can I do with a Discussion Group?
    1. Post a message to the group
  5. What can I do with Social Bookmarking?
    1. Bookmark pages
    2. Search for bookmarked pages
    3. Find pages that other people have bookmarked
  6. What can I do with Social Networking?
    1. Connect to people I know
    2. Publish information about myself
    3. Connect through people I know to others
  7. SurveyMonkey
    1. Find out about class participants
    2. Form teams
  8. What are Add-ins?



  1. Experience with creating a collaborative learning experience
  2. Think through how collaborative learning and Web 2.0 tools apply to real-world situations

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