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Communication Approaches


How do we use Blogs, Wikis, Discussion Boards to Communicate?


Problems / Issues?


Going Forward


Borrowed from Jennifer's Post...



Blogs are great for personal reflection and publishing. We can track new posts via RSS feed readers. Blogs mainly support independant views__, and __through commenting and links we can exchange ideas with others. Examples:


  • Your Plus/Delta
  • Your personal writing assignment



Wikis allow for collaborative writing within a group and moving towards a common goal and is a good location for __final content__. Examples:


  • Assignments
  • Project write-ups


Discussion Groups

Discussion groups are conversational for sharing ideas with primary purpose being interaction. Generally not good for permanent storage and definitely not "final copy." In this course, the discussion group is primarily for questions or comments where you are seeking input. It is also a place where you can notify everyone. Examples:


  • A question
  • Notification of a change
  • A helpful hint


Harder Examples


  • What should I do when I modify an assignment (or you modify your assignment)?
  • How should we discuss the team formation question (4+ blog posts on the topic)?
  • Steven B's "Where did all the time go" - it's a continuation of a discussion in the discussion group, it's some good advice for future class, it's his answer to one of the assignment questions...

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