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Team 1 Project: Blended Learning Exercise

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You are a regional manager for a company that is rolling out new customer resource management software to the field offices. A fellow manager in your office suggested that you consider a blended learning solution to inform the field about the changes that will occur as a result of the new software.


You are now on a quest to find out more about blended-learning to help you determine if it would be appropriate for your roll out.


What to Do


Step 1 - by Monday at 2PM

On the blog you created for this class, answer three (3) of the 10 questions below. Anwers to the questions can be found in the links that follow.

  1. What are a few possibilities that could constitute a blended learning approach for the roll out? Name at least three. <http://www.learningcircuits.org/2003/jul2003/rossett.htm>
  2. Name a key factor to consider in selecting the right blended learning approach and explain why you chose that factor. <http://www.clomedia.com/content/templates/clo_feature.asp?articleid=357&zoneid=30>
  3. What are some of the biggest business benefits of blended learning? <http://tinyurl.com/rnsjh>
  4. What drives the blend? That is, how do companies choose what they believe to be the right blend of tools? <http://www.thomson.com/cms/assets/pdfs/learning/IDC-Blended_Learning-Key_Findings.pdf>
  5. Which blended solution is the best for your work environment and why? <http://www.clomedia.com/content/templates/clo_feature.asp?articleid=357&zoneid=30>
  6. How would you explain Blended Learning to your work culture, and how it works?<http://www.clomedia.com/content/templates/clo_feature.asp?articleid=357&zoneid=30>
  7. Will Blended learning replace instructor class room training <http://www.learningcircuits.org/2006/March/rosenberg.htm>
  8. What are some top learning requirements that can optimally be met by a blended approach? <https://www-304.ibm.com/jct03002c/services/learning/us/pdfs/elearning/training_approach.pdf>
  9. Which learning approach best facilitates individuals learning in virtual groups and from shared experiences? <http://www.clomedia.com/content/templates/clo_article.asp?articleid=982&zoneid=62>
  10. Describe some of the ways blended learning is most cost-effective for an organization. <http://www.clomedia.com/content/templates/clo_article.asp?articleid=982&zoneid=62>




Step 2

On your blog, post a reflection about what you learned from this exercise.


Step 3

At some point after you complete this exercise, you will receive a notice that a summary of the participants’ answers to the question has been posted on the class wiki for your review.


Contacts for assistance

Shelly Connelly

Kenneth Parson

Debra Lord

Elmer Strueh

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