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Team One Project Page

Team Members

Shelly Connelly

Kenneth Parson - Facilitator

Debra Lord - Research

Elmer Strueh - Instructional design


Team One Project Exercise


Team One Project Exercise Summaries


Team 1 Project Outline

Project Goal

This project will provide learners with a learning experience that will help them determine which collaborative tools and methods might be appropriate for developing a blended learning program for business.

Project Description

Using a business scenario, participants will research and form conclusions based on their research. Conclusions will be available on a wiki for commenting by other course participants.


You are a regional sales manager for the Northwest states. Your company, (company name), is rolling out a new software to all store locations. It’s your job to ensure that users accept the new software with the least amount of resistance and that they are able to use the software with little loss in productivity.

Learning Audience

The learning audience for this project is members of the course Collab201.

Course Strategy


  • Participants will be presented a scenario that requires research on the Internet.
  • Scenario will be on a wiki created by Team 1.
  • Participants will complete the assignment individually.
  • Participants will post comments on their individual blogs they created for this course.


Team 1 members will post their comments about the project on their individual blogs.



  • Research and read – 30 minutes
  • Comment – 20 minutes
  • Plus/delta – 10 minutes




Wiki – posting assignment and comments from participants

Blog – posting assignment comments?

Search engines – Google, Dogpile, and so on

Yahoo group – Team 1 communication

My Web – Sharing Team 1 research

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