Team Three Project Page


Team Members


Project Process

Our team process for developing the project was as follows:




* Create a scenario that requires participants to use a variety of collaborative tools to successfully complete the project.

* Draw on the existing knowledge, opinions, or experience already held by the participants.




You are the VP of Franchise Development for a large "fast casual" dining franchise (i.e. Chipotle). You have 100 franchisees operating restaurants and are expected to adhere to the corporate processes and procedures.


You have developed a Franchisee Forum of 15 owners organized by geographical regions who will act as your governing and process improvement team for the remainder of the franchisees.


The Franchisee Forum provides a platform to communicate between franchisor and franchisee. The Forum members will have the responsibility to communicate with their peers in each region of the US and share with the rest of the Forum members as to the types of problems they are experiencing.


A suggested list of Web 2.0 tools needs to be chosen to communicate training issues, marketing ideas, policies and procedures concerns, operations challenges etc.



Reach consensus on the best process to use for this type of problem:

- WHICH Web 2.0 tools would be most effective for this type of organizational challenge and

- WHEN would the tools be used in the process.

Post the solution on the provided wiki page.







STAGE ONE: Spend 10-15 minutes sharing your initial thoughts on the best way to complete the project. (Analyze the problem, discuss the challenges, divide responsibilities etc.) Use a conference call or discussion group for this.


STAGE TWO: Post initial written solutions in your blogs. Then take 10 minutes to read the written solutions of the other participants. HINT: You might check My Web for tags like "Chipotle" or "fast casual".


STAGE THREE: Use your group's discussion group for a total of 10-15 minutes to exchange comments about the entries. Build on each other's work.


STAGE FOUR: Collaborate on the Wiki. Spend about 10-15 minutes entering and editing text explaining the team's final solution.


CONCLUSION: Take 5 minutes to fill out a Plus/Delta evaluation that we will provide later in the week.