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Team Three Project Page


Team Members

Discussion Group: Collab201Weekend@yahoogroups.com

  • Steve Bussard
  • Paula Powers
  • Jaime Wheeler
  • Lynda Ellison


Project Process

Our team process for developing the project was as follows:

  • Created a team discussion board
  • Sent an email blast to the team with a suggested agenda and the free conference call specifics
  • Conference call to discuss our project ideas on Saturday morning from 9:30 - 10:45.
  • Continued to use the team discussion board to share our ideas
  • Posted our thoughts on the wiki
  • Edited the wiki to clarify our project



Project Ideas



* Create an experience for the participants.

* Incorporate collaboration into the experience.

* Model a proposed process for using these tools in a learning experience.

* Draw on the existing knowledge, opinions, or experience already held by the participants.



Consider these project possibilities:


  1. What 3 tools are most effective in augmenting a classroom learning experience? Why? In what situations would each be beneficial to an organization? Deliverable: Job Aid on our wiki summarizing your findings.
  2. Review and edit a rough draft of a training document, which will be provided on our wiki, to demonstrate the use of collaborative tools in fine tuning course objectives and content. Deliverable: Good training document with clear course objectives.






DAY ONE: Spend 10-15 minutes and write your own thoughts about this assignment in your blog.


DAY TWO: Take 10 minutes to read the blogs of the other participants.


DAY THREE: Use your group's discussion group for a total of 10-15 minutes to exchange comments about the blog entries. Build on each other's work.


DAY FOUR: Using the discussion group, make a plan of attack for how your group will create a deliverable on your Wiki to fulfill the assignment.


DAYS FIVE-SIX: Collaborate on the Wiki. Spend about 10-15 minutes entering and editing text.


DAY SEVEN: Take 5 minutes to fill out a Plus/Delta evaluation that we will provide.

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