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Week Five Assignment


Purpose of this assignment is to have an opportunity to look back at what we've done, to examine the application of collaborative learning and the tools to corporate learning.


Stage 1 - Due by Sunday 2PM

  1. Create one or more blog posts that addresses
    1. Collaborative learning
      1. Where do you see collaborative learning being applicable in your organization (or in your clients)?
      2. What do you see as the primary barriers?
      3. What do you realistically see as the possibilities?
    2. Web 2.0 / eLearning 2.0 Tools
      1. How can the tools we looked at be used outside of collaborative learning to help you personally or help your corporation?
      2. Summarize your impression of the different tools (Blog, Wiki, RSS Reader, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking)
  2. Create a post that summarizes your experience in this class
    1. Did the format work for you in learning about the tools? About collaborative learning? If you were the instructor how would you have done things differently?
    2. What are the implications of this on your feelings for collaborative learning?
    3. Probably you can read back to your Plus/Delta from prior weeks (and other people's plus deltas as well)


If you would prefer to do a deep dive on a particular opportunity, that's great.


Stage 2 - Due by Tuesday 2PM

  1. Respond to other blog posts around collaborative learning or use of tools
    1. Skim several other blog posts
    2. Create one or more critical review posts with cross links
    3. Add a comment to the relevant post that points to your comment.
  2. Respond to other blog posts around the class as an example of collaborative learning

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