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Week One Assignment


Stage 1 - Due by Sunday at 2PM Pacific

  1. Sign-up on an RSS reader
    1. I would recommend Bloglines
    2. Subscribe to a couple of blogs
  2. Create your own blog for this course
    1. I would suggest using Blogger, but there are others.
    2. This blog must exist after the course is done, so please use a mainstream service.
    3. This will be public, so write your blog posts as if everyone can see it
    4. Create your profile
    5. Allow commenting in your blog
    6. Must provide an RSS feed, and ideally pings weblogs (this is built into Blogger and most other major sites)
    7. Register your blog with Technorati
  3. Post a review of an article from my blog eLearningTech Blog
    1. Cite (link to) the article that you are commenting on in your post
    2. Put a comment in my blog inside the relevant article that points to your post
  4. Edit the PBWiki Class Member page for the course to add your name, and a link to your blog and the RSS feed
    1. Extra credit for someone who can put up a page on PB Wiki that helps us subscribe to all the RSS feeds more quickly (than having to add them one at a time – hint: OPML) This must include instructions on how to use this.
    2. Collaborative Learning Wiki password: (provided elsewhere)
  5. Create a post (on your blog) that provides your answer to one of the following questions that will be important for the class going forward:
    1. How should the teams be formed in this course for the larger group project? How heterogeneous should we go? Should we allow people from the same company to work on them together? Should we look for different skill sets? If you were the facilitator for the course, how would you decide?
    2. We will be writing for every assignment. I want (a) the experience to make sense to each of you, (b) to be easy for me to know what you are doing and to help where I can, and (c) to result in something of value at the end of the day (information that other people could find and use later). What content that we are creating as part of this collaborative learning experience should we put in Blogs, what should we put in Wikis, how about Discussion groups and why?
    • Your answer must contain at least two links to other online articles or blog posts (that either support or go the other way to your argument) and that does not include anyone from the class.


The above must be completed by Sunday at 2PM.


Stage 2 - Due by Tuesday at 2PM Pacific


  1. Skim posts (via RSS Reader?)
  2. Create two quick review posts (preferably one for each question above)
    1. Add a comment to the post pointing to you review post
  3. Create a post that briefly discusses
    1. (Plus) What went well this week
    2. (Delta) What could have gone better/should be changed


The above must be completed by Tuesday at 2PM.


Note: by Tuesday at 2PM there will be at least 4 posts by each member of the class:


  1. Initial post about one of my posts
  2. Your own post answering one of the above questions
  3. Quick review post 1
  4. Quick review post 2


We will start the next session with a review of what went well and what should be changed (deltas) in this week.


Extra Credit Opportunities


  1. Trick out your blog with some add-ins
  2. Create the OPML stuff for us
  3. Provide something else using Blogs, Wikis or RSS that you think will help us
  4. Improve the Wiki

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