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on April 25, 2006 at 8:25:45 am

Week Three Discussion


Recap and Topics of Interest


  • Discussion: Plus / Delta Items from Previous Week
    • Delta
      • "liked to have started the week with more background and knowledge on blogs and wikis ... so my focus could have been on richer information sharing"
      • "Team collaboration might have been better if we had assigned roles soon after Tuesday's meeting"


    • Plus
      • "signing up on Yahoo 360 and Yahoo My Web went well"
      • "sharing links with My Web is a lot easier than e-mailing them"
      • "Yahoo Bookmarks allows you to see your bookmarks from home or office"
      • "Yahoo groups worked well for exchanging information with team members"


Question: How could you have used Social Bookmarking this last week?


  • Discussion: Project topics, issues
    • Collaborative Learning elements?
      • Positive interdependence - Are you creating sub-teams that will work together, or primarily individual tasks with group processing at end?
      • Individual and group accountability - Relates to previous answer (are they held accountable together)?
      • Interaction - Opportunity for interaction
      • Team / Collaboration / Interpersonal skill development
      • Group Processing - Do you have this in your design?
  • Discussion: Social bookmarking, social networking wrap-up


  • Topics "missed" in Week 2
    • Tags & Folksonomy
    • Social search
    • Main concepts in eLearning 2.0


Week Three Topics





ProblemBasedLearning (not covered in class)

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