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Week Two Assignment


Stage 1 - Due by Saturday 2PM


  1. Sign-up on Yahoo 360 and create a profile that includes
    1. Link to your Blog (and links to other sites that are relevant to you)
    2. (time permitting) A note that you are taking Collab 201 and Answers to the following questions:
      1. Background in training, learning & eLearning
      2. Background in Collaborative Learning, Web 2.0 tools/technologies
    3. (time permitting) Your picture
  2. Put your profile link on the course wiki ClassMembers page
  3. Sign-up on Yahoo My Web (install toolbar if you can) otherwise add link to favorites


Completed by Saturday 2PM


Stage 2 - Due by Tuesday at 2PM


  1. Invite everyone as friends on Yahoo 360 and as contacts on My Web
    1. If you can figure out an easier way to do this (rather than one at a time) please post instructions.
  2. Find a couple interesting web pages, articles or blog posts and link to them in your My Web
  3. Try out a couple of Searches across My Web for different terms (e.g., collaborative learning)
  4. Write a blog post that discusses one of the two following questions
    1. What are the differences in practice between social bookmarking and using a wiki to create a list of links? What would you use in what case?
    2. What value could social networking have within corporations? How about as part of learning experiences?
  5. Create a post that briefly discusses
    1. (Plus) What went well this week
    2. (Delta) What could have gone better/should be changed


Project Related Work (Team)

  1. Define your topic and high-level design
  2. (Time permitting) Get (public) feedback from two other people in the class and from me
  3. Define your approach to communication with each other and with the class (use of Wiki, Blog, Discussion Group, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking)

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