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Week Two Discussion


Recap and Topics of Interest


  • Discussion: Delta Items from Week One
    • Deltas
      • Time - "an easier way to learn and incorporate these tools"
      • "introducing 3 new technologies (blogs, RSS, wikis) at the same time is a bit much"
      • "Technologies that are designed for the educational market (Elluminate) do not necessarily work well in the corporate environment out of the box."
      • ... limit class size ... team of 5 work well, 22 does not
      • Lack of specific directions
      • "more descriptions of each tool, its history, reason for being developed, best practices, and good examples"
      • "I'm not sure what a Blog is"
      • "Doing research on the web is time consuming"


  • Discussion: TeamFormation
    • Question: What is the composition of teams?



  • Discussion: Plus Items from Week One
    • "Constructivism" - learning is an active process of knowledge creation
      • "Let’s hear it for failure based learning"
    • Different kind of understanding of Blog, Wiki, Discussion Group
    • First-hand experience relative to "control" in collaborative learning


Week Two Topics







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